Where have you been?

Nina here. If you are reading this, you may wonder, why the time since last post is almost exactly a year. To tell you the truth, I sometimes wonder that too, even though I know exactly what happened.

The business got a good start in 2018 - my partner and I, with the help of my amazing marketing coordinator scouted two routes, launched one of them as a pilot, to good feedback, and then what? And then life happened. My partner had to give up her share of the business due to family reasons, and I... had to figure out my day job.

I'd love to be able to only work for Food Vacations one day. That's the big and audacious goal. For now, however, I have to maintain the job that pays the bills for me and my family. It was time for me to make a change there, I started a new job at an amazing company and it consumed me. I had to spend most of my productive time learning a new skillset, engaging with my team, building trust in a new setting.

Now, in the beginning of 2020 I finally feel that I was able to get to a good place there and I have enough spare time to dedicate to Food Vacations. Ideally, 2020 will bring me a gift of a new partner, as it will be tough to accomplish all I want on my own. Speaking of that, my intentions include new route scouting (at least two) and piloting the Northern Spain food route in the fall - that is already live on our web site.

Food Vacations will also focus on building its credibility in the food traveling community through partnerships, useful content collaborations and thoughtful advertising.

Here's to the new beginnings! We hope you have an amazing 2020 and humbly suggest we be part of it!


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