Traveling Through Georgia on Your Own

If you are headed to this gem of the Caucasus mountains, you have to make a choice on the means of transportation. While several major airlines connect Georgia with the rest of the world (most notably, Turkish Airlines has multiple flights weekly), once you get to Tbilisi, the options to get around with comfort for small groups are few and far between. Our preferred method of transportation is a car rental, so here are several pieces of advice on how to get the best out of independent travel in Georgia:

1. Rent a 4x4 SUV. You'll thank us later, when you're climbing the gravel mountain road. Although rare, they still can be spotted all over the country and a small car won't do it.

2. Watch for unusual or disoriented traffic - animals, small motor bikes, pedestrians. Most times we drove around in Georgia, we could tell that people don't really care much about cars, once they are on the road, they want the cars to go around them.

3. Never exercise rough driving style. Everyone around you will, be sure of that. Georgians are very aggressive drivers and their fiery personalities are very much reflected on the road. Be smooth and careful and you'll avoid accidents.

4. Abide by all parking rules in big cities. Georgian police works flawlessly and will show up in 5 mins after you've performed a parking violation.

5. Enjoy the experience! Most roads in Georgia are not only good-quality, but they offer a splendid set of landscapes - sea, mountains, valleys and orchards that the eye never gets tired of.

Check out our travel options at and remember - we transport our tourist in a comfortable minivan, so that you can in fact relax and enjoy the view.


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