Travel Advice From Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes, a renowned queen of long-running TV hits, like Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, travels a lot. We recently read a great article about how she travels and what advice she has for her fellow tripsters, and we're delighted to share some of her wisdom with our blog readers.

1. Vacation planing - choose wisely, how much planning you want to do depending on the format of the trip. If it's a European getaway, plan more to be able to get into all the hyped attractions; if it's a Mexican beach trip, little to no planning is needed, so just relax and soak in the sun.

2. Packing - disinfecting wipes and three books are always in Shonda's travel bag. You don't want to not have a way to sanitize your plane seat and table or be stuck without a book to read when you're traveling or waiting for something.

3. Solo trips - do take them please! Especially if you have been overworked and need a break from everything and everyone. You can do whatever you want and not depend on anyone for your plans.

4. Take that family vacation - if you're dreading the drama, focus on the group activities, kids fun and catch up you can do while on such a trip.

5. Take the pictures, but also BE in the pictures. They'll become your memory holders for years to come, so landscapes and that local guy riding a pink bike are great, but take some for the family album, even if it's digital these days.

6. Give travel. Either to those who travel with you or to friends in general. They will remember this gift much longer than any material item you're thinking about purchasing.

And with that, go apply this new wisdom to your travels!


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