Traffic in Georgia

What would you have done, if you saw a cow in the middle of the road?

Option A. This is your regular day. Milking it sounds like a plan. Option B. Called animal control. It's a stray animal, appropriate agencies have to be notified. Option C. Got scared and run away. Terrifying!

I would imagine that option A would work best in Georgia. The picture in this post is from the highway from Tbilisi to Batumi, where Oksana and I saw a bunch of cows that didn't care much for sticking to the side of the road. While maneuvering such a caravan can be dangerous, this is a regular scene in Georgia. The cows are generally slow moving, so with good visibility it is not hard to bring the speed down and get around them.

They do add to the beautiful landscape though!

As for the milking, you will be able to do that, if you travel to Georgia with us. With the warm milk tasting, cookies and all 📷:).

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