The Weirdest Food?

Thank you for reading our page! Hopefully you get travel hungry from just seeing our pictures and videos.

Today we were thinking about the weirdest foods we've ever eaten.

The winner of our personal roster is a strange seaweed pouch that Nina got on her flight from Shanghai to Shenzhen one time. It was part of a snack packet and it came with an absolutely normal bread bun.

The fact that the whole plane opened up their pouches and stuck the seaweed into the cut bun, like a hamburger patty, was weird enough. In addition, the smell of the seaweed was an equivalent of rotten eggs times 50. Can you imagine? Also there are about 120 people that are opening up those pouches in a limited space of the cabin, remember? Peachy.

Of course, Nina wanted to provide her co-workers with the full China experience and brought a couple of those pouches home to share the taste and the smell with the group. One of the reasons she is no longer with that particular employer :).

What was the weirdest food you've ever eaten?

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