The 5 Best Ways to Pack More Efficiently

1. Roll your clothes up

Rolling up your clothes instead of folding them actually takes up less space in your suitcase. You want to be able to make space for all those new clothes you bought for the trip and not crease them too much. Rolling them up when they’re flat avoids them being thrown around the suitcase too much. Rolling also allows you to organize yourself better so that you can keep track of what you’ve packed and what there’s still room for. Pro tip: for even more space, layer a pair of pants with a t-shirt on top and roll them up together to create even more room.

2. Make some lists!

Packing can often be really stressful! Not only do you have to find the time to set aside after a long day for actual packing, but you also have to think of every menial thing that’s necessary for your trip. Making organized lists with categories can save you so much time, and best part is that it’s reusable! Using your phone’s “Notes” app, or even good old-fashioned paper, create categories such as: clothes, toiletries/medicine, electronics, shoes etc. and check off each item as you go so that you don’t find yourself having a mini heart attack at airport security when you realize you forgot your socks!

3. Be wise with your carry-on bag

The carry-on bag is that one piece of luggage you’ll get to bring for free no matter the airline and baggage policy. This item can help you save a lot of space in your actual suitcase if you put all the smaller objects and pouches in there. The best carry-on you can bring on out opinion is backpack, not only is it spacious, but it usually also has different pockets of different sizes. This helps you organize your belongings and keep them stored neatly so that you know where to find everything when you need it. You could easily fit all your travel necessities in them and even a few more things. Pro tip: pack your travel sized toiletries in your backpack to avoid the getting thrown around in your checked bags and possibly breaking. Plus, the backpack will probably come in handy during the trip.

4. Pack per outfit

This tip sort of goes hand in hand with the first one. Packing your outfits together saves you so much time when you’re unpacking, not only do you already know what you’re going to wear but it allows you to save some space (i.e rolling shirt into pants). It also gives you the opportunity to plan your outfits before heading on vacation instead of dumping a bunch of clothes you regret bringing once you’re there. Another thing that helps with this is knowing what kind of activities you’ll be doing. Are you going to need plenty of bathing suits for your beach trip? Or will you be hiking a lot and need to make room for your shoes? Pro tip: put a little post-it note on each outfit indicating what you’re going to wear it for. Makes you excited about your plans ahead of time.

5. Use those buckles in your suitcase!

This one may seem obvious, but many people forget to use these because they’ve already been buried under the mounds of clothes in the suitcase. There’s a reason for these, and it’s a pretty good one, they keep everything in place. Imagine having spent all that time rolling up your outfits and compartmentalizing them perfectly, just to open your bag once at the hotel and see a huge jumbled up mess… Not a great time! Those buckles once fastened and tightened will help keep everything intact so that unpacking becomes a lot easier, take each outfit out as easily as you put it in. Pro tip: put any fragile items in between a few layers of clothes and then buckle securely on top to make sure nothing breaks even when violently thrown around behind the scenes at the airport.


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