It’s almost Christmas, but how about bringing a little summer into your life? Sometimes you just need it so bad! Do it with sangria! This originally Spanish drink is now beloved all around the world, and many countries put interesting spins on it, adding green apples, rum, brandy, sake, you name it. See our own, Food Vacations recipe of sangria with a twist below:

You’ll need:

2 750 ml bottles of red wine (syrah and pinot noir work well, and they should be no more than 3 years old)

1 lemon

3 oranges or 2 grapefruits

1/2 cup of dark rum

2 tbsp sugar (optional)

1 cup raspberries

fresh mint, 1 branch

Make simple syrup out of sugar, if using it (dissolve sugar in water 1 to 1 over slow heat).

In a large pitcher mix the wine and rum with all the fruit (cut up in wedges), syrup and whole berries.

Stick the mint branch into the pitcher and cool for 24 hours. Take the herbs out before serving over ice. Buen provecho! (Bon appetit in Spanish)


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