How Should You Travel?

Today we got to thinking about, well, of course, about travel, and specifically about ways to travel. How many times have you or someone close to you come back from a long-awaited trip with this queasy feeling of non-satisfaction? It was OK, but not great, interesting, but unexciting, calm, but not relaxing. What gives?

Chances are that you just didn't choose the trip format well. Your approach to trip planning could be a mismatch to your personality type and thus, not aligned with the ways you prefer to have fun outside of your customary environment. So, what are the key ways to travel and which one should you choose?

1. Fully planned trip itineraries. You will know exactly where you are at any point in time, every item on the agenda is pre-planned. You are driven/chaperoned from one event to another under attentive tutelage of a guide. With that, any surprises are perceived as failures and can take a long time to rectify. Choose this format, if you don't want surprises and want to see the most regarded sites. Be prepared to share the happy trip moments with many others, if a luxury private itinerary is not within your budget. Luckily, with Food Vacations, a small-group itinerary is well within reach.

2. Wandering off the beaten path. You buy a plane ticket and off you go. You embrace uncertainty and pride yourself on bringing amazing memories from each trip. You survive the times when things go wrong and emerge out of them better and stronger. You may have missed the Coliseum, but that time you spent talking to this cute Italian taxi driver is priceless. You catch my drift, don't you. You will suffocate in planned itinerary trips and need to outline very high-level objectives for each trip. Buy airfare + lodging packages to save some cost, but keep your option open.

3. (this covers most travelers) You're somewhere in between. You plan several key activities for each trip, but leave yourself time to explore. You don't book your dinner reservations ahead of time, unless the place is really hard to get into without advance notice. This way you get to talk to several locals at the bar and find out what the hidden gems are. You'll be OK with either #1 or #2 approach, although anything too adventurous may take you off balance, but #3 is your sweet spot. Plan for uncertainty, but allow room for some fun!

Happy planning! We hear flights to Barcelona are on sale today ;).


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