The Georgian Wine Story

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

We explored Georgia in May 2018. It is a small country, but it truly is a jewel, as it has everything - the seaside, the mountains, the hills and the plains. Its climate is very welcoming and promotes significant agricultural activity and wine making. Georgian wines are not that well-known to an average consumer yet, but they have won multiple awards at prestigious showcases.

Our favorite among all those we tried was Chkhaveri. It's a dry white wine, you won't find it anywhere, as Georgia doesn't export it, so you can only have it there. It is unique, since it's made out of red grapes, but they are peeled, so the wine ends up coming out white, cool, right?! It is produced in Guria (western Georgia). Guramishvili’s Marani Museum Collection Chkhaveri 2016 has won Bronze Decanter award, and Georgian wines have won a staggering 97 awards in total this year!

We recommend you seek out 2015 Special Edition Chkhaveri bottled by "Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking LTD"(pictured), the same manufacturer that bottled the award-winning variety of Chkhaveri. You might need to go to Georgia to try it though! Nina has one bottle stashed at home and is saving it for a very special occasion.

Bon appetite, and drink responsibly!

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