Caucasus Berry Picking? No Problem!

What is the best food to eat in #Georgia in May? Berries!!!

In the U.S. we are so used to having all the berries any time of the year. There is a big caveat to that - off-season some of those berries taste like watery cucumber-like nothing, at best.

In Georgia, as well as in the majority of Eastern Europe it is customary to eat berries, fruit and vegetables when they are in season, even though those countries import produce from overseas.

One of the best experiences on our research trip was the ability to stop the car at small markets on the side of the road and buy containers of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries... Mmm! They all tasted so well and needed to be eaten immediately, as they were so juicy and ripe.

One of the observations someone shared with me is that those berries can be very expensive. Pro tip - bargain! Don't pay $5 for a small bucket of produce. Most likely the farmer will sell it to you for $2, if you respectfully haggle for a couple of minutes. In any case, if they don't sell their stock out by the end of the day, they will have to throw it away.

At #FoodVacations we are constantly thinking of new and unique offerings, and in Georgia one of them will definitely involve the #healing powers of #berries. We will help you master healthy and delicious desserts, as well as educate you on how berries can improve your health through easy #beauty care regimens that put their natural vitamins to work.

Have you used berries in homemade spa products before? Let us know!

Bon appetite, and have a tasty rest of the summer!


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