Beets as Unlikely Delicacy

The other thing that we are doing right now, besides reading a #cookbook, is eating #beets!

Beets or beetroots are a great source of manganese, iron, vitamins C, B, copper and potassium. More importantly, beets have been used in the kitchen more frequently these days, with the rise of #vegan cuisine. Switch just one letter out, and you can make a delicious beet #carpaccio.

"Kaukasis" is a cookbook written by Olia Hercules about all the wonders of Georgian and Azerbaijani cuisine. Marina Nariashvili, our cooking class partner, has taken an active role in creating original recipes for the book, and we'd like to share a #tkemali-marinated beet recipe from #Georgia with you! Go to the photos to read the recipe.

Here is what Olia has to say about a dynamic duo of beets and plums:

"The combination of beets and plums was such a revelation to me that I immediately set about creating different versions of the authentic Georgian way of marinating beet in the tart plum sauce called tkemali. I couldn't choose which was the best, so I am giving two versions of the salad: the traditional approach, and a roasted version for when plums are readily available but you can't be bothered to make the sauce. The roasted version will give you a taste similar to the original with the added pleasure of biting into caramelized plums and bitter leaves that contribute texture and a welcome savoriness. I use small Alycha plums here, but slightly underripe greengages or ordinary plums also work very well."

Happy cooking, and bon appetite!

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