Air Travel - How To and How Not To

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Today the whole world is in shock from unexpected death of Kobe Bryant and 8 other people, including his daughter, in a helicopter crash over California. We are also extremely saddened by such a tremendous loss and would like to make sure we go over some air travel safety guidelines today.

1. (Not just for air travel, any travel). Get travel insurance. Several tens of dollars is a low price to pay for something unexpected to go smoother and in the end of the day cost you less.

2. Choose direct flights. If possible, fly direct - it reduces chances for travel interruptions and gets you to your destination faster. In some cases you'll pay less for a flight with a layover, but if you factor in additional expenses, like getting lunch at the layover airport.

3. Private planes... why not? Yes, you read that right - it's becoming more and more common to 'ride-share' on jets. Some companies provide a service where they can take several passengers on short flights on a private jet that's going to pick up a VIP at the destination airport and doesn't want to go there empty. Just google it!

4. Helicopters are a great tour option. For some locations with breathtaking views, like New York City and Las Vegas, a helicopter tour is the best way to enjoy them and if you have more than 2 people going, the ride will not cost you an arm and a leg. Always make sure the tour provider is licensed and insured.

5. Get an upgrade instead! If you're flying coach and suddenly feel a need or just want to transfer to a different class, you'll pay less than if you bought a business class ticket at the start. It may make sense to wait until you checked in to ask for an upgrade.

We hope these tips got some of your travel planning juices going, and we at Food Vacations are always happy to advise you on your air travel.

And once again, RIP Kobe. The world will miss you.


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