5 New Year’s Resolutions for Avid Travelers

1. Gear your other interests towards your travels

We all travel to sight see and engage in tourist attractions but what we don’t always have the time to do or plan out, is visiting places that are known for our personal interests. San Sebastian in Spain for example is a huge foodie destination, Havana in Cuba has a very big and diverse music culture, and Salt Lake City, Utah is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts. In 2019 planning your trips around your passions will not only make traveling more exciting but make for some awesome memories while diversifying your knowledge about your favorite activities

2. Try something new!

While traveling to a new city is always a new experience, using the opportunity of being in a new place to try something you usually wouldn’t is exhilarating and a huge part of making the trip memorable. Think about all the stories you’ll be able to tell your friends when you get back “I had the best chicken of my life and found out it was actually alligator, now I want to start making my own”

3. Find out what you can do off the grid

We all spend so much time doing research on the must do activities, and must see sights, but one of the best ways of really learning about a new country is going off road. Taking time to visit the smaller towns, shops, restaurants, that aren’t main tourist attractions, give you a way deeper understanding of the culture. A great tip is asking the people who live there, what kind of typical activities they go for and trying to live your day the way the locals do.

4. Meet more people!

You’d be surprised how much you can learn from the people around you. Whether they are locals or just other tourists, you can learn so much from them and their experiences and even better, you can tell them about yours. Not only can you have an impact on others, but you can really make some great memories by having those conversations that teach you more about travel. Think about all the new places you can find out about, or tips on how to get around more easily, you’ll really improve your travel knowledge and have fun doing it!

5. Take a break!

Whether it’s taking a quick nap to refresh at your hotel or sitting at a café for an hour to enjoy a good drink, taking a break gives you the energy you need to keep up with all the exploration you want to get done. It’s easy to get tired and worn out from walking around all day or dealing with harsh weather, so taking some time to relax not only re-energizes you but gives you time to reflect on your trip or have some meaningful conversations. You’ll learn how important those moments of relaxation are because they’ll make you appreciate all the visiting you’re doing more when you have the energy for them.


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